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sports: your
mental game

are a sports fanatic & you want to break through to the next level in your sport?

are you choking in competition?

let me help you with the mind game to win the actual game

would you like to recover more quickly from injury?

let me help you with pain control, energy & acceptance

self-care: your mental shape

are you feeling drained, have you lost your energy?

let me help you gain control over your energy levels

are you struggling with an addiction or depression?

let me help you release what no longer serves you & your health

are you in a career while suffering from chronic disease?

let me help you with pain control, energy & acceptance

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improved focus, performance & wellbeing

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experience change with hypnosis & NLP

Hypnosis & NLP are easy, turn-key solutions. The benefits are comparable to years of practising mindfulness & meditation.
You’ll experience that the sessions improve  your life without effort.
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since 1890

medical research demonstrates high efficacy of hypnosis

~ 100%

effective for performance improvement in sports

73% – 85%

succes with self-hypnosis for pain, insomnia, stress-related illness, IBS

> 81%

quit smoking


quit substance abuse

Developing mental fitness is more than just reigning in your emotions.