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A quick note to say thank you for your sessions yesterday. Both “class session” and 1:1 were great. I felt better and much more positive after the 1:1, and found energy for a long day!

SME business founder

Today’s session with Afke was my first hypnosis session. She made me feel as if i could trust her and was very good at listening to me and explaining what she does, how and the outcome it can bring. The session went really well and i think that it helped me a lot. Also what i really appreciated is that she gave me tips on how to do self hypnoses in the future. Thank you for everything!

Mike Mandel Chris Thompson Afke van Mansum

anxiety & phobia session

Thank you so much for our session last week. I put it into practice when I went to a restaurant at the weekend. It feels good to have some ways to make myself feel more comfortable.