Afke van Mansum
NLP coach
change maker

I qualified in the field of psychology after a corporate career of 20 years.
My career brought me global responsibility, status & money – everything I wanted to achieve when I was younger.
However, while leading global teams in regional and global leadership functions, I realized my goals in life had changed & a new passion developed: to let people shine, become their best selves.
Allow people I work with find ways to make their lives easier, in the same way I had learned that “the eternal sunshine of the spotless mind” does, in fact, exist.
So, I decided to do a post-graduate in psychology, working with family constellations, transactional analysis & NLP.
With my corporate background and love of Six Sigma, LEAN methods, efficiency & effectiveness are essential.
So, I qualified as a hypnotist & NLP life coach. These methods make rapid change possible through their direct influence on the neurological processes.

NLP life coach hypnosis
 Geneva & Lausanne
or online

Have you lived with a physical or mental burden that’s holding you back?
Have you tried medication & other help
but would you like extra support?
Don’t know where to go with your
chronic affliction or addiction?
Give me a call to see if we are a fit.

Do you love your sports & what it does for you, mentally & physically? Want to improve your game? Give me a call to discuss.

If you cannot make it to my practice
we can work online.

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beat self-sabotage

Breaking old habits can be hard. have you tried, failed & returned to old habits  repeatly? You’re not the only one: our defense mechanisms are holding us back. most of our behaviour is directed by our subconscious mind. It keeps running our familiar, comfy, outdated programs till new ones are uploaded. Even phobias, anxiety & depression are unwanted, engrained habits. With hypnosis we upgrade the software directly with support from the subconscious mind.

rational mind

You’d think we are rational beings, but don’t you find yourself taking actions you wouldn’t do if your rational brain were in charge? Not taking care of yourself, not like you’d do for your best friend or child: eating sweets, smoking, drinking, no exercise,… Often you’ll find emotions between wanting & doing:  ” tomorrow I’ll ..”
Together, we will find out how to release those barriers & replace the negative charges with a positive outlook.

eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

NLP & hypnosis resolve issues that could appear to form part of your personality, outside of your direct control. Changing negative thoughts, memories & emotions, releasing long-held defense mechanisms is often a revelation.
Your ability to perform at work, in your sports, or even your engagement with people around you usually greatly improves. Because, suddenly, you’ve got so much energy left for other stuff!

my specializations

My background in life gave me extra interest & thus, training in addictions, chronic physical or mental illnesses (MS, chronic pain, depression, anxiety)  & the ways to beat these via high performance states, emotion management, sports & diet.
That being said, the life skills that can be effectively taught via hypnosis & NLP are a multiple of this, as proven by scientific research! I also worked with a.o. stress, building confidence, abuse trauma, feeling stuck, phobias, procrastination, IBS, insomnia, negative inner voices.

seize this chance

I am committed & confident that us working together has a positive impact on your life, so take me up on the complimentary intake session. Take action today & work actively on beating your personal stressors. That spotless mind in eternal sunshine is just one call away: are you ready?

Stay tuned: the latest mind fitness research

I’ll update you with exciting news each month.


Neuron network

Hebb’s Law

Neurons that fire together, wire together.
Your choice which neurons you’re going to fire: anxious, stress-filled ones or happy, grateful ones? Yes, a gratitude diary works for this reason. Each day: 5 things you’re thankful for.


Quantum Zeno Effect

A quantum physics principle that demonstrates that the process of observation stabilizes the system. In our life we find that the more we pay attention to an emotional or behavioral problem, the more it persists.

Vagus nerve

Vagus nerve

You might have thought your brain was in your head. Think again: this biggest bundle of nerves goes right into your heart & organs, or rather from your heart & organs right into your brain. This communication is highly effective, highly leading & mostly unconscious for us.
Our body knows before our subconscious knows, our subconscious knows before our conscious mind knows. Beautiful research using the so-called Columbia Card Task has demonstrated this effectively.